Zaiba Jabbar is a video director living and working in London town.

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Currently I work on all the art direction and direction for my videos, as well as overseeing my projects from concept to realisation. Sourcing collaborators and teams to garner the best and most unique outcome for each client. Whilst also maintaining flair, innovation and awareness of trends that inherently filter through into my work.  

I also have huge resources for the production side of things having produced many of my own videos. Working as a music video director I'm always thinking-up strategies to market a track and artist. A large aspect of my job is working on treatments and pitching to new clients. I love directing films and working on set however my art school background means I'm very concept driven and a big thinker!

I have a huge passion for digital marketing and how that is integrated into our everyday lives and I love collaborating with likeminded people. So please do get in touch!


Joining Partizan after an illustrious career making fashion films, Zaiba brings a creative style to music video, fashion film and commercial commissions - all deftly executed with a forward thinking and astute visual approach.

Her innate understanding of style and fashion ensures the subjects of her films never look less than stunning. By turns warm and playful, she underpins her work with deft understanding and textured visual character.

Since graduating from London's famous Central St. Martins wth a BA in Graphic Design, Zaiba has firmly established herself and her aesthetic within the industry. In 2008 she released her joyous film for David David's Spring Summer 2009 collection, considered a milestone in the development of fashion film. Which subsequently has been included in the British Council's international exhibit Dressing The Screen - The Rise of Fashion Film. Jabbar's fashion film for Ebru Ercon's Asos Revive collection made number 3 in BOF Top Ten Fashion Films Of The Season.

In 2011 her short created for designer William Richard Green took the ASVOFF x Vogue Italia Light Series award and recently received a UKVMA for Tiny Dancer's "Who Am I" promo.

Since joining Partizan in 2012, music videos have included a gif-inspired technical marvel for Melody's Echo Chamber, as well as the brightly striking one-shot promo for Tiny Dancer, an emotive dance piece for Gabrielle Aplin and a post-internet 3D collage aesthetic for WE HAVE BAND. Most recently working with the gorgeous Florrie.

Zaiba is a regular contributor to Vogue.it and Diane Pernet's A Shaded View of Fashion while her films have been featured on NYTimes.com, Businessoffashion.com, i-Donline.com, Dazed Digital.com and DistrictMTV.com.

Her films have been screened at ICA's- Bird's Eye View Festival, Fringe, LSFF, Art Basil, BFC Fashion East, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival at MCASD, Cristabel Balenciaga Museaoa and as part of ASVOFF 3&4 at Centre Pompidou- Paris , ASVOFF Barcelona and Tokyo.

Commercial clients include Burberry, ASOS, Citroen, Benefit, Vice, District MTV, Levis and Vogue Italia.

Represented by Partizan.

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Featured on SHOTS-
MUSIC VIDEO // Tiny Dancer // Who Am I // UKMVA 2013 AWARDED
One Take Video

Premieres on Popjustice

COMMERCIAL FASHION FILM // Asos Revive Collection Designed by Ebru Ercon

Number 3 Business of Fashion TOP TEN